By Lucy Thurber
Directed by Samie Spring Detzer

Produced in partnership with Washington Ensemble Theatre

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Hughes Penthouse Theatre
University of Washington
Near NE 45th St. entrance, adjacent
to N-5 parking lot

Photo by Robert Wade

Photo by Robert Wade

When Tierney and Patrick’s resistance-leading parents are murdered, the siblings are conscripted into a teenage fascist training camp run by their parents’ killer. The camp’s leader would like nothing better than to prove the virtue of his worldview by grooming the uniquely gifted Tierney as his successor. His daughter Sarah, however, is bent on subverting his plan, trying instead to draw Tierney into her effort to construct a more peaceful, loving social order within their war torn reality. Hunger Games meet Handmaid's Tale in this epic, fantastical, massive, and meaty hero story.

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